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Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend: A payback to savour (Part 2)

Previously on the Pretty Little Liars Marathon… Face masks were donned, Ollie’s A-dar went into overdrive, nobody confirmed the kill, cheeky side-hugs were dished out and Toby somehow managed to blunder through three and a half seasons unscathed despite living in a town with murderers and having the brain of a five-year-old. … SUNDAY 12. Season 3, […]

Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend: A payback to savour (Part 1)

Liz: Remember our football marathon back in April last year? Remember the retribution I promised? Well my friends, retribution has a name, and it’s name is Pretty Little Liars. Four girls are left devastated by the disappearance of their bestie and leader, Alison. Alison was a horrible person and she had a lot of enemies, but […]

Football with my girlfriend: A Premier League weekend to remember

Ollie: It is Saturday April 16th 2016, and we’re about an hour out from the early kick-off in the Premier League. But this weekend is a little different… I’m watching it with my girlfriend Liz. And not just this game, every game that is on Sky Sports and BT Sport. And Match of the Day. […]

Ollie does Veganuary

So, from January 11th – February 11th I have decided to give being vegan a go. So Veganuary plus a few days of Febru-veg-an…. hmmm doesn’t quite work as well. Basically I spent the first 5 days of January in Rome and there was no way I was missing out on the prosciutto ham and pizza! So I started […]