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Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend: A payback to savour (Part 2)

Previously on the Pretty Little Liars Marathon… Face masks were donned, Ollie’s A-dar went into overdrive, nobody confirmed the kill, cheeky side-hugs were dished out and Toby somehow managed to blunder through three and a half seasons unscathed despite living in a town with murderers and having the brain of a five-year-old. … SUNDAY 12. Season 3, […]

Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend: A payback to savour (Part 1)

Liz: Remember our football marathon back in April last year? Remember the retribution I promised? Well my friends, retribution has a name, and it’s name is Pretty Little Liars. Four girls are left devastated by the disappearance of their bestie and leader, Alison. Alison was a horrible person and she had a lot of enemies, but […]

I can’t believe that neither of us have seen… HALLOWEEN!

Warning: contains spoilers (obviously). There are always classic films that your other half hasn’t seen, and in some cases neither of you have seen. So every now and then we’re watching an unseen classic together to see if it’s really worth all the fuss. John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween has spawned no less than seven sequels, a remake […]